Q.What are the dimensions of the Cable Isolators™?

A.  The Regular sized Classic Cable Isolators are 4.75″ in diameter by 3.75″ tall. The Large Classic Cable Isolators are 5.50″ in diameter and 4.40″ tall.  Our new ESD Cable Isolators™ are 4″ x 3.75″ x 2.25″ (WxHxD).  The saddle on top will accommodate even the largest of cables.

Q.Which Cable Isolators are right for me? ESD or Classic Isolators?

A. Every system has unique attributes and will benefit from either type of Cable Isolators. Our preference is for the new ESD Cable Isolators but the Classic Cable Isolators have a long track record of proven performance – either way you can’t go wrong. To make it even easier, we offer a 30-Day In Home Trial period so you may purchase both types and keep the ones you like.

Q.How many Cable Isolators™ do I need?

A.We sell our Classic Cable Isolators™ in sets of 8 (porcelain style) and our new ESD Cable Isolators™ in sets of 10.   Typically you need a Cable Isolator for every 10-15″ of cable laying on the floor.  For example if I have 120″ of cables then I need 12 Cable Isolators.

Q.How far apart should I space Cable Isolators™?

A.As a general rule space Cable Isolators 10″ apart. Bear in mind cable stiffness will affect the distance between Isolators as well. Softer cables will sag when Cable Isolators™ are too far apart.Stiffer cables won’t need Cable Isolators™ to be as close together.Try to keep your cables suspended parallel with the floor and minimize any sagging in the cable.Click here for a visual representation ofhow your Cable Isolators™ should be set up. Also refer back toquestion 1 or view the Gallery for actual examples.

Q.Which cables in my system need Cable Isolators™?

A.All cables will benefit from Cable Isolators.This includes your power cords, speaker cables, analog & digital interconnects as well as your video cables.

Q.How do Cable Isolators™ work?

A. Cable Isolators™ help to isolate cables from floor borne vibrations, the harmful effects of the dielectric build up in carpet and dissipate static field build up between cables and other surfaces.Cable Isolators™ remove minute layers of distortion and haze in your cables providing a clean background for your music to emerge.Cable Isolators™ also promote proper organization of your cables so power cords and signal cables are not laying next to one another which would cause interference.

Q.Why should I choose Cable Isolators brand over other cable isolation devices?

A.Cable Isolators offer a variety of advantages over the competition:

i.Performance – Cable Isolators™ outperform all other cable isolation devices on the market. From our numerous customer reports and listening panels Cable Isolators™ have been found to be the most sound investment in the cable isolation market.

ii. Sound – Our customers have replied with wonderful comments about how Cable Isolators™ improved their system’s sound: “the sound has smoothed out and has expanded in an immediate improvement! I heard the difference as I was substituting them, really, no joke!” – Ray Makin, NY “I wasn’t really prepared to hear much of a sonic improvement due to my concrete floor, but after listening to Fritz Reiner’s Scheherazade with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, circa 1958, it was immediately apparent to me that the overall tonal balance and soundstaging had improved.” – Harvey Shapiro – Illinois

iii.Value – Cable Isolators offer tremendous bang for your buck value. Our Classic Cable Isolators (porcelain) are just $99.95 for a set of 8 and our newest ESD Cable Isolators are just $99.95 per set of 10 with a No-Hassle 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

iv.It all adds up to an easy decision – Cable Isolators™ – Better Performance.Better Sound.Better Value.

Q.What if my questions aren’t answered on this FAQ’s page?

A.Please contact us if you have any other questions.